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The New Children's Hospital as a collaboration environment

The New Children’s Hospital is the leading provider of specialized health care for pediatric patients in Finland.

New Children’s Hospital treats all pediatric illnesses and offers top-rate specialized medical care for pediatric patients all over the country.

We want to invite companies to collaborate with us in creating customer-centric services together with our healthcare experts in the New Children’s Hospital.

New technology and digital solutions play major roles in the hospital, not only in new digital systems to improve care processes, but also to contribute to patient wellbeing. It represents a model of new thinking in health care. While ensuring the optimal flow of medical treatment, the hospital is a humane environment that promotes healing. The environment has been created in co-operation with children and parents and it enables parents to be more present when their children are hospitalized. There are home-like elements to give children some control over their environment and take their thoughts away from illness.  For us, it is important to listen to the wishes of children and parents.

The hospital is also a teaching hospital, which means that teaching and research are connected to the medical treatment. The scientific community of the Pediatric Research Center consists of some 30 research groups from all fields of pediatric medicine conducting high-class research. The scientific community also wants to bring together researchers and companies to encourage scientific collaboration.


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