HUS Testbed




Pekka Kahri, Technology Officer

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New Technology Officer in HUS, Pekka Kahri, has started his work with enthusiasm.  His responsibilities within HUS Joint Authority lays, among others, in business cooperation and marketing as well as stakeholder connections especially when it comes to research and development.

Digital healthcare solutions and possibilities to support health technology startups makes HUS an interesting workplace for Kahri. Motivating challenges come from strong cooperation with primary health care and large investment projects, such as Apotti –healthcare information system and large hospital construction projects. Teaching, research and clinical patient care go hand in hand in HUS.

To HUS Testbed Pekka Kahri is linked via research, development and networking with businesses. In the future he sees HUS Testbed in tight cooperation with committed specialty departments within HUS and flexibly generating business cooperation projects to these departments with patient safety always in the core. New European medical device regulations coming into effect at spring 2020 could possibly give HUS Testbed an important role as advisor for HUS and health technology companies, Kahri speculates.



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