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HUS Testbed had the pleasure of hosting Bent-Håkon Lauritzen from Nordic Proof

Bent-Håkon Lauritzen, Coordinator for Nordic Proof, the network of testbeds in the Nordic healthcare sector, visited HUS Testbed at the Meilahti medical campus in Helsinki on 12th of March. During the day, Mr. Lauritzen met several people from the HUS Testbed network, for example HealthTech Finland CEO Saara Hassinen, Senior Technical Advisor Maarit Lahtonen from Business Finland, and Christian Lardot, City of Helsinki. Also, Maija Tanner, Account Director CGI shared her experiences. According to Satu Pesola who coordinated the day from HUS Testbed the meeting was successful and highly appreciated among the network: " We are very glad at HUS Testbed to bring together such a great network of professionals in the Nordic healthcare sector."


-- Nina ja BHL (1_20180312_151410.jpg)

Bent-Håkon Lauritzen, the Coordinator for Nordic Proof and Nina Lindfors, HUS Testbed Project Director discussed Nordic cooperation at Terkko Health Hub in Helsinki medical campus.

-- BHL-Salissa (1_20180312_154145.jpg)

Elena Prokofieva (Upgraded), Bent-Håkon Lauritzen and Merja Lahdenperä (HCH) visited HUS Testbed operation room with the guidance of HUS Testbed nurse Noora Murhu.