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Nordic Proof webinar "Covid-19 require new solutions in healthcare" on May 26th

How can innovative health tech companies help overcome current and future pandemics?

When: May 26th, 09.00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. (CET) 

Where: Webinar and One2One virtual meetings. Hosted from Oslo, Norway

Event language: English

Participation Fee: Free

Sign up: Sign up for the webinar and one2one meetings latest May 25th using this link.


Nordic Proof invites Nordic Health Tech companies to hear about new challenges facing hospitals and municipalities in the Nordics. Covid-19 has overnight changed the organization of treatment and care at hospitals, in municipalities and at GP’s. The pandemic has accelerated the need for new innovative solutions through partnerships with innovative health tech companies. At the webinar May 26th you will hear more about the current and long term needs for innovations and services accelerated as an effect of the corona outbreak.

All partners of Nordic Proof will be available for one2one online meetings after the webinar We aim the event for companies having products or solutions in need of testing in an end-user setting. A special focus will be on innovations related to Covid-19. However, any medtech or ehealth company which need access to test facilities are much welcome to the webinar and to benefit from the one2one meeting opportunity with the Nordic Proof partners.

About Nordic Proof

Nordic Proof is a network of renowned health institutions and testing hubs in healthcare in the Nordics. Managed by Norway Health Tech, Nordic Proof offers access to professional and efficient test facilities throughout the Nordics and serves as one point of entry to test facility partners. The Nordic Proof partners include Sunnaas Sykehus (NO), Danderyds Sjukhus (SE), HUS Helsinki University Hospital (FI), Oslo University Hospital (NO), Nordic Medtest (SE), Oulu Health Labs (FI), VihTek Test Center for Health Technologies (DK) and Norwegian Smart Care Lab (NO).

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09:00 Welcome and short intro to Nordic Proof and the program - Siri Stabel Olsen, Coordinator Nordic Proof

09:10 Home treatment and monitoring - Charlotte Kira Kimby, VihTek Copenhagen and Marit Hagland, Norwegian Smart Care Lab

09:30 Company cases with experience from Nordic Proof

09:50 Relevant National funding programs Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark - Bent-Håkon Lauritzen, Coordinator Nordic Proof

10:00 How to apply for services via Nordic Proof and closing of webinar - Siri Stabel Olsen, Coordinator Nordic Proof

10.10 One2One meetings in separate online meeting rooms - Bent-Håkon Lauritzen, Coordinator Nordic Proof

11:30 End program


Please sign up for the webinar and one2one meetings latest May 25th using this link.