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HUS – Helsinki University Hospital enables health technology companies to develop and validate their devices and services in an authentic hospital environment through HUS Testbed. The service provides a structured access to the hospital and contributes to business development in the healthcare sector.

HUS Testbed offers device and service usability testing in a real user environment for multinational, large, SME and startup companies in collaboration with the staff in HUS. It also enables education, survey, and research collaboration.

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HUS Testbed is a partner of the Nordic testbed network, Nordic Proof.


Cetralised model creates value for partners

Co-operation with GE Healthcare

-- GE kuvauksista (2_TestBed-01.png)- We can test the products in an authentic environment with clinicians who are motivated to participate in testing and share their thoughts for product development. GE Healthcare has been working actively with HUS already for 20 years. According to Petra Peltola, GE Healthcare Senior Research Manager all R&D products of Helsinki unit are tested in HUS.

In the future, all co-operation is planned to go through HUS Testbed as the new way of working ensures a centralised model for a long-term partner.

- HUS Testbed creates value by providing a single point of contact, which means that one person will take care of all our projects with one agreement. The new process will certainly help also other companies to reach a smooth and well-functioning co-operation model, Peltola says.

According to Peltola, healthcare validations by HUS are appreciated as they are valid on European level. She also underlines the importance of the network between HUS and GE Healthcare as it enables a smooth way of working on daily basis in the hospital environment where people know each other. It is easy for an engineer to come to the hospital that is close by to hear feedback and ideas for further development. GE Healthcare has tested patient monitors in HUS Testbed operating theater, which is one of the offered developing environments. GE Healthcare’s new product film was also produced in collaboration with HUS Testbed and Peltola warmly thanks HUS Testbed Development Manager Satu Pesola and her team for great co-operation enabled by single point of contact.



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