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-- Nina (_MS_5195.jpg)

Nina Lindfors

Head of Division of teaching and research – Musculoskeletal and Plastic Surgery, Dos, M.Sc.(Tech.)
Welcome to join HUS Testbed with us! Our aim is to create and develop a systematic and structured access for you to the Helsinki University Hospital. We look forward to mutual benefits that can be reached by developing customer-centric services in an authentic hospital environment. HUS Testbed is integrated into the whole hospital and connects you with our world-class healthcare experts.



-- Satu (img1.jpg)

Satu Pesola

HUS Testbed Development Manager, Registered Nurse, eMBA

We want to offer our partners an easy access to HUS by providing a single point of contact. Please fill out our inquiry form and send it to us. We will be happy to assist your company to collaborate with our experts. Our experienced HUS Testbed nurse team also helps in collecting information from evidence based practice to improve your product and service development. In case you need more information you can also contact me directly satu.pesola(at)



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